Psychosexual disorders among Sex offenders

The offenses of sex offenders are represented by a heterogeneous population. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmers represent an extreme form of sex offenders by committing acts of necrophilia, cannibalism, torture, and murder for the purpose of sexual gratification. Other forms of illegal offenses and sex crime in sex offenders can include sexual abuse, downloading […]

Treatment of Psychosexual Disorders

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” the old cliché goes. Medicine continues to find an answer to the many diseases that have hammered the human species through time. Though by no means is it to suggest that discovering remedies to diseases such as malaria is an easy task, sicknesses caused by the external environment do […]

Psychosexual Therapy

When historians reflect on 2009 and ask what the great trendsetter of the year was, we would be hard pressed to argue against the rise of Twitter – a social networking site that allows one to express their innermost thoughts or most banal activities (unfortunately, the latter is the more popular choice). There are two […]