PSYCHOSEXUAL : The therapeutic nature of expressing and analyzing oneself to experts has a proven success record in resolving the deep-rooted conflicts that lie at the heart of psychosexual disorders. Contemporary psychology has taken it a step farther and subcategorized psychosexual disorders into three parts: sexual dysfunctions, sexual perversions, and gender identity disorders.

Psychotherapies focus on exploring the deep-rooted origins of dysfunctions and perversions, as well as behaving as an avenue for the patient to express these anxieties creates a successful path to understand and confront the psychosexual disorders.

Biological, psychological, social and cultural factors play roles in matters of sexual dysfunctions. Today, many males, females, adolescent suffer from sexual dysfunctions. Relationships and social lives of people are affected negatively by those psychosexual disorders which can be treated by the correct psychotherapy or medically.

To bring upĀ  healthy individuals, psychosexual development and psychosexual stages in one’s life should be understood well. As problems during these psychosexual stages may cause severe gender identity problems.

Here, we review healthy psychosexual development, all psychosexual disorders and sexual dysfunctions that may make one’s life a nightmare and the treatment ways of those.

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