Psychosexual disorders among Sex offenders

The offenses of sex offenders are represented by a heterogeneous population. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmers represent an extreme form of sex offenders by committing acts of necrophilia, cannibalism, torture, and murder for the purpose of sexual gratification. Other forms of illegal offenses and sex crime in sex offenders can include sexual abuse, downloading […]

Psychosexual dysfunctions in Russia

Vladimir Illyich Lenin, the father of the Communist Revolution in Russia, argued that in order for humanity to rise from its lethargy and vile class-based exploitation, our aesthetic and sexual pleasures that made us lack the ruthlessness needed to destroy the bourgeois order would need to be sacrificed. Revolutionary vigilance required that we reshape our […]

The Psychosexual dysfunctions in Turkey

Concerning his secular legacy, the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once wrote: “I am not leaving a spiritual legacy of dogmas, unchangeable petrified directives. If those people who wish to follow me after I am gone take the reason and science as their guides they will be my true spiritual heirs.” A […]

Psychosexual dysfunctions in The Philippines

The conservative attitudes of the Filipino people towards sexuality are rooted in many factors, from its colonial history, its religious institutions, and its unstable governments. As in many other places across the world, many sexual taboos in the Philippines are rapidly melting due to increasing accessibility of mass media and the new ideas that it […]